"Everything is approximately well"


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released August 10, 2015

Recorded in March '14 at Rec'n Roll Studio By Romain Sarrat.

Tibz - Vocals, Guitars
Guilux - Drums
Roman - Guitars, vocals
Aina - Bass, vocals



all rights reserved


HEY COLD, YOU LOST ! Bordeaux, France

we're a punkrock band, we play because it's nice and makes people smile/ we like 90's and 00's punkrock /we like many other things

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Track Name: Total system failure
I'm not feeling right everytime you ask me to leave
'cause, once again, I was talking shit.
I felt a bit nervous so I just forgot what you said,
it happens all the time...
I mean "to me". [You mean "to you"].
You asked me to play punkrock, I did reggae,
and I know that makes you mad.
You think I don't care,
that I haven't listened a damn thing of what you said...
you might be right !
Track Name: Falling down low
Going away through the sadness is kinda hard when you got lost.
Your days of bliss passed away when you were young,
that's when you liked them most.
Sometimes you get it wrong,
so many past years are falling down.
Move on, you know you should,
it seems so far away the time you could.
Look around,
all you can see is that people's happiness does make you sick.
Even your smile seems so fake,
you wish you kept it for old time's sake.
Track Name: Last morning in hell
I wish you had another life to waste it well,
I wish you didn't have to wake up every morning in hell.
I wish I could have given you some better days,
another story to tell instead of the one that makes you cry.
What have you borne ? Will I ever know ?
Love has been lacking, I wish you had some also.
Now you feel so wasted,
you think you won't have the will to get over all the sadness you feel.
Now you feel right back where you started.
I'd like to let you know that if I had the means I would have built you that other life, the one your dreaming of.
Another loving day for every crying day.
Another hug, an happy sight for everytime you had to fight.
Track Name: Frankly
Dude, it took us a little while to understand that we were all the same ones,
growin'up with the same tunes and chords.
We all got that four chords we're enough.
Who fuckin' cares about the end of what I say 'cause I just love that song. It reminds me this feeling deep inside,
you know what I'm talking about 'cause you felt the same the day you discovered Nofx and All.
As a grown-up infant you will have to get along with us,
forgetting your punkrock lullabies.
Put the headphones down and leave the drum set,
comb your hair and get a suit,
don't be scared to quit the fun.
Franky imagine we're together, Tibz and Stone, in a flat, stupidly drunk trying to understand how could a fuckin' song make the difference between what they don't care about and what we love.
Track Name: Normal life
What's a normal life ?
A life without pain ? Without fear ? A life with no brain ?
I want ton break my voice on the stage.
I want to feel the sweat on my clothes.
And everytime, I am on the edge to leave them away because they don't really know how my life is boring.
I guess it's not so simple.
How can I make it real ?
Zombies are cool but they're not real !
Get a normal life, a job and some friends.
Work, die and prey, this is how it ends.
Boring fiction, stupid relations.
What does it mean ? I don't really know.
Enjoy your life, life on starvation.
Make your own dreams in your little and safety home...
When I'll reach the end, will I feel abused by a life of non-sense that I didn't refuse?
But I won't be afraid when I'm playing this song.
I'm with my friends, the music is on.
My noisy escape.
Sadness is gone.
Track Name: Something
I felt like something was wrong in your eyes
but I'd never thought of that.
I thought all was alright with us,
but something, something was wrong.
I know we were the best friends,
it would've been nice to see you again,
I hope you remember the good time we spent together.
Now we're feeling alone,
we don't know where you're gone.
Track Name: Tickle the bee
I tickled the bee, I tickled the bee,
I made it up just to tell you that I've played with fire and I got burnt twice. Shit, I've got the problems but I don't have the words,
once again I'm picturing,
I try to say but nothing's coming.
Now you've got all your regrets comin' up.
Will you ever learn anything from your past ?
Track Name: S.S.S
You should keep on smoking,
your breathe'd be the same.
At least you would not bug me by counting the days
since you have stopped 'cause I don't care [I don't care!].
Please, oh please stop stopping smoking !
Track Name: Please don't sue us Mr. Burkett
At least we have a riff that is going to screw you.
Everybody will say that we know how to play.
We're not some loosers even if we stole it from Nofx...
Track Name: Nina [thanks not for the girls you got them first]
Thanks for the beers, thanks for the fun,
not for the girls, you got them first,
you had to teach me how to leave.
I had to tell you when you played right or wrong,
I would just lie because for me it sounds all good.
Before you I thought I'd have one Nofx in my life time.
It's not only 'cause I like you, but I really love your songs too.
Now I've quit, now I'm far, I'm touring alone in my car.
I needed to bring myself down to realize how good that was.
If you could help me to get over all my problems
you would have used a joke to kill the pain.
You'd've been here, you would have cheered me,
you'd have done your stupid tricks,
sometimes you would have been insane.
Before you I thought I'd have one Nofx in my life time.
It's not only 'cause I like you, but I really love your songs too.
Track Name: Miss Deathy
One day, Miss Deathy cried,
she'd spent a few time on her victim's world.
She realized that her life sucks,
her future will stay a dark present.
No real motion in the long life of missy deathy,
her way is already laid out.
Track Name: My gossip is useful
I think I do have an avertion for the world,
but I don't think I do the same way as you do.
I think you spit on them not using any words,
you'll never try to get the meaning of their pain.
You just sit down with your friends, acting like jerks,
ruling a world that you don't even understand.
You're missing most of the reality because you think you're so much prettier than the ones you're spitting on,
but you're not worth this verse.
And you'll end up alone after you've been stabbed on the back by your own crew,
at least you might understand that you were doing the same to people you didn't know well,
and now for you it doesn't make any sense.
And I know that, sometimes,
it might be hard to believe that the human race deserves so much more than what you were about to give it.
More than a mockery, an useless gossip.
And of course you will end up hating this song I wrote you with the empathy I wish you had in you.
A word that is meaningless to you.